REAL WEDDING: Alicia and Joe
Friday November 13, 2015 at Cescaphe Ballroom

How did you and your husband meet?

We both went to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. Joe was a Junior and I was a Freshman, but we didn't start dating until later on. 


The Proposal

We went to go pick out a ring together, but Joe told me it wouldn't be ready for a few weeks. We went to Tampa, FL for his cousins high school graduation right before Memorial Day weekend and headed straight from the airport to my parents house in Delaware - we spend every Memorial Day weekend there because that's when they bought the house. On the Friday I asked my dad what the evening plan was and he told me that we'd be going out to happy hour, so we get ready. When it's time to go my dad says we have to delay a bit because my mom had a headache and she's waiting for the medication to kick in. Eventually we start to head out and my parents say "we want to stop down by the community pier first. They redid some things and we'd like to check it out." I'm thinking "Ok sure, why not?" We drive down to the pier and start walking down it toward the bay and I'm thinking that nothing looks different, why are we here? Joe looks at me and goes "do you recognize anyone down at the end there?" I reply no (I mean why would I? Everyone I know in the Peninsula is with me right now). We keep walking and I turn to Joe and say "That girl at the end there has hair just like Bridget (his sister)," and we keep walking. I'm getting annoyed now. Nothing is different and I'm ready for happy hour. Until I realize it is actually Bridget and Joe's parents are there too and I'm thinking wait a second. What's going on here?? Sure enough Joe has the ring and proposes at the end of the pier overlooking the bay with our parents and siblings all there - exactly what I wanted!


Why did you choose Philadelphia for your wedding?

After college and dating, I moved to Pennsylvania to live with Joe. I'm originally from New Jersey so Pennsylvania is our home now and where we wanted to get married.

How did you hear about Cescaphe?

Joe's mom mentioned that she had heard great things from people who have attended weddings so we decided to add it to our list. 


What was the best part about being married on a Friday?

I loved having the rest of the weekend. Our guests were able to come and have an awesome night, but still had the rest of the weekend to themselves. 


What was your favorite part about your wedding experience?

Everything! But it was great not having to worry about anything the day of. Our vendors took care of everything perfectly and we were able to enjoy our day and be with our guests instead of also trying to make sure the day was running smoothly. 



What unique details did you add to your wedding to make it personal?

Joe and I have each lost important grandparents. My Gram passed away a few years ago and so did Joe's Pop. We had their photos out at the wedding to honor their significance in our lives. We also had our wedding bands engraved with our initials and dates to make it more than just a piece of jewelry. Our officiant was a family friend of Joe's parents and doesn't usually do weddings, but is ordained and it was very special for us to have him be the one to marry us. 


Which vendors went above and beyond to make your day special?

Our photographer Melissa Kelly was amazing. We didn't have to think about anything - she just told us when to go where and it was perfect. She was very professional, but also easy to work with and got the job done. Plus the pictures came out fantastic. Beautiful Blooms did an awesome job putting our ambiance vision into reality for the ceremony and reception.  Our DJ (DJ SHughes) is a college friend of Joe's and did a great job mixing up the music and keeping the dance floor going the whole night.



Tips and advice for future brides and grooms

Pick a venue with an 'all-inclusive' price! We loved that at Cescaphe everything we wanted was already included in the per person total. There were so many places we looked at that a seafood buffet or sushi bar was extra. That top shelf liquor cost more or certain entrees. There would also be a venue fee on top of the per person cost. When you add that all up, the price skyrockets. It was great that Cescaphe took care of so much for us and we didn't have to go out and find vendors for food, drinks, linens, tableware, etc.   For brides, don't stress the day of! Enjoy yourself and everything will be amazing.

Venue: Cescaphe Ballroom

Florist & Lighting: Beautiful Blooms

Photography: Melissa Kelly Photography

DJ: Shughes Entertainment



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