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As we move into the new year we can all take a moment to breathe after the busy holiday season, which is always where I see our CEG family shine brightest. While I know everyone is working extra hard to make 2016 our best year yet, I want each of you to remember to take the time to celebrate and enjoy your own family and friends. Family is important to me and I want to make sure this value carries over to my CEG family as well.

This September the Water Works became the sixth venue for Cescaphe Event Group. It was a long 8 month process to acquire the historic property, something that would not have happened without the exhaustive work of Maggie Lahr, SVP Strategic Development. Maggie worked countless hours on this project and thanks to her efforts I am proud to say that this national treasure has been entrusted into the hands of all of us at CEG. The Water Works is an amazing facility seated at the foot of the Art Museum with breathtaking views of Boat House Row and the Center City skyline. The unique structure is a wonderful addition to the CEG collection and will allow us to host couples looking for smaller and more intimate celebrations. We are currently hard at work giving the space the signature “Cescaphe touch” and I cannot wait for all of you to get a chance to be part of the iconic venue’s history.  

As we look ahead to all of the big things happening at CEG in 2016, I cannot help but reflect back on the wildly successful year we have had in 2015. In just one year we hosted 675 events – our biggest year ever! We are all lucky enough to be part of one of the biggest days of our Brides & Grooms and I am overwhelming thankful to each and every member of the CEG family for their hard work that continues to bring happiness to our guests! 

Happy New Year! Joe Volpe


In any given week, the Client Development Sales Team typically receives more than 95 inquiries; some via the web and others by phone. One question clients always get asked from our team is “how did you hear about us?”... many have attended an event with us, or have found us via a search engine or wedding website and then there are clients who have simply heard about the “Cescaphe Experience” - our food, our service and our venues! Our reputation often supersedes us and therefore motivates us to stay on top of our game. Clients often make great connections with their sales associate as the team makes every call personable and heartfelt… so it is no surprise when a Mother-of-the-Bride ends her phone call with her sales associate saying “I Love You!”


With engagement season at its prime, we can expect many newly engaged couples searching for the perfect CEG venue and the absolute perfect date. The sales team - Betsy, Lisa, Nikki, Dana and Sarah (seated left to right below), are happy to assist clients through the overall booking process and with so many years of experience under their belts, the team can also help find the perfect vendors to create a memorable day. Whether brides and grooms are booking their date 18 months, 7 months, or even 1 month out (Yes, 1 month out!), the sales team will gladly guide clients through the process and assist them with all of their needs. And that is how Cescaphe Brides and Grooms are born!

- Kelli Coyle


It is no surprise to anyone that Cescaphe Event Group is growing! Just this year, CEG has added more than 135 new employees! We have also created new roles and entirely new departments, such as the IT Department. Each week, CEG receives hundreds of applications for open positions and finding that right fit can be quite a task that takes a lot of teamwork. Each qualified applicant starts with a phone call to discuss their experience and most importantly “Why Cescaphe?” We want people who want to work here and grow here. After that, it is on to meeting with the position’s respective hiring managers. Depending on the position, applicants can be asked to complete online assessments or projects to show their skills. It everything goes well, references are checked, and background check is done… on to a start date!

Once a candidate becomes an employee, it is our job to make sure they are brought up to speed on how Cescaphe operates and the integral role their position plays. This will vary depending on the roll. Front of House staff will (like all new employees) go through orientation, a training class, and then a few shifts to get them comfortable with their position and the flow of an event. A new Event Manager or Event Coordinator on the other hand, can be in training for upwards of three months! They work in each department, understanding how all of the pieces come together at an event so they can guide our clients through their special day. 

Keep an eye out over the next few months for some exciting changes in the Recruiting and Training department! We are growing and evolving too. Questions about open positions can be directed to

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