Incorporating social media into your wedding

One of the most important days of your life is arriving soon and you want to make sure to document every moment of it.  You've hired a great team (Cescaphe!) to help you with your wedding plans, as well as a photographer and videographer to capture those moments the day of.  But how will you capture your guests unique point of view?

Social media has changed the way we look at everyday things- including weddings!  Using a wedding hashtag is a modern way to allow your guests to share their unique perspective through posts and images and be more involved in your wedding.  By creating a unique wedding hashtag, you'll be able to go back years from now and look back on all of the posts your family and friends shared online.  Here are a few tips to make your wedding as social media friendly as possible!

Step One: Create a Wedding Hashtag

The key to a hashtag is to make sure you choose a combination of words that are unique and easy to remember.  Hashtags don't allow any spaces or punctuations so make sure to spell out words like "and" instead of using an ampersand (&).  It's also important to check social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to ensure no one else has already used, or is currently using this hashtag.  Here are some examples of hashtag styles you can personalize for your special day.

  • #JackAndJill2017
  • #JackLovesJill
  • #JJWedding0707
  • #SmithWedding2017
  • #MeetTheSmiths
  • #HappilyEverSmith
  • #SmithPhillyWedding
  • #MrAndMrsSmith2017
Step Two: Share The Love

Now that you've chosen a hashtag, it's time to share it with all of your family and friends!  Add your hashtag to your social media posts about the wedding, list it on your wedding website, and remind guests in person to use your hashtag when posting anything related to your wedding.  Here is a sample of what to put on your wedding website or invites to inform guests about utilizing your unique hashtag:

"If you're sharing our wedding on social media, we'd love for your to use our hashtag #SmithPhillyWedding on your posts.  This will allow us to collect everyone's well wishes and photos all in one spot for us to look back on for months or years after our big day!"

Step Three: Remind Guests with Signage

As your guests arrive to your bridal shower, engagement party, wedding ceremony, and reception, subtle reminders of your hashtag will help maximize the likelihood of guests using it throughout the night.  Some options include signage near the guest book, printed on customized cocktail napkins, on the signature cocktail signs, and even on the table menus themselves.  

Step Four: Enjoy The Memories!

Once all of the excitement of the wedding day has passed and you're relaxing on your beautiful honeymoon, you'll be able to look back on your hashtag and see all the posts from your guests!  From the shower, to the rehearsal, to the reception, you'll have all of these posts in one central location for your to enjoy for years to come!



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